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19th May 2006

The Drakelow Tunnels - Update

Notification has been received from the Wyre Forest District Council Planning, Health and Environmental Division that planning application number 060033/Full with regards to the Drakelow Tunnels, Kingsford Lane, has been withdrawn by Jericho.

Jericho may resubmit a new planning application sometime in the future.

Watch this space!
25th February 2006

The Drakelow Tunnels

Another mass public meeting took place at the Kingsford Pub on the 23rd February with over 300 people in attendance.

Their first act was to vote in the new committee of the Drakelow Preservation Trust in order that the fight to stop the planning applicatiuon by Jericho is fought by a recognised body.

Confirmation of the committee members can be found on the DPT web site www.drakelow.info.

Many of the audience raised questions on how the planning application is progressing and what action needs to be taken to get it refused by Wyre Forest Planning Dept. Again details can be found on the DPT web site.

Two dates to put in your diary will be the proposed visit of Richard Taylor MP to the Drakelow site on the 3rd March and the Planning Meeting on the 11th April.

Again, confirmation of these meeting will be on the DPT web site.

A protest march from Kinver and Wolverley to meet at the Drakelow tunnels is also planned so check the web site and notice boards for details.

Funds to fight the campaign are still very much needed so please make your donations as significant and as quickly as possible to DPT. They needs thousands to pay for the expert advise needed to win this issue.

If you can spare some time in assisting the committee with the distribution of leaflets in your area, or you can display notice boards giving information about the DPT activity please give your name and address via the web site.
21st February 2006

The Drakelow Tunnels

The Drakelow Preservation Trust has been formed to conserve the Drakelow Tunnels and surrounding areas so that future generations can enjoy them in peace and mind.

They therefore need your support to fight the wholly inapropriate proposals made by Jericho Community Project to alter the usage of the tunnels and surrounding areas because, if they are successful, the area will change beyond recognition.

Visit the DPT web site to get up to date information on how you can give your support and how the issue is progressing.

More than anything they need to generate substantial funds in order to cover the costs of employing the best professionals available to assist in their mission. Make your donations now.

Visit the DPT web site at www.drakelow.info
31st October 2005

Wolverley Parish Plan Update

Over 1000 questionnaires were distributed week commencing 10th October. Early indications show the concerns on speeding traffic, litter, parking around the numerous education establishments and the poor level of public transport are key issues to be resolved.
28th June 2005

The Wolverley Carnival on 2nd July

You may have noticed some of the many posters we have been putting up around the village inviting you to visit us at the Carnival this weekend, like the one above.

Trial questionaires have been circulated and we will be examining the results over the next few weeks. If you want more information about us and the activity we are undertaking then please visit us at the Carnival, we look forward to seeing you there!


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